In September 2019 Nautec provided engineering consultancy and supplied NaX® Materials and offshore grouting services for PETRA RESOURCES WLDP-WLP Bridge Chord Grouting Project.  


  • Grouting of tubular top chord and adjoining brace sections to strengthen connecting bridge

Project Scope

  • Engineering consultancy and advise on location of inlets and strengthening design
  • Supply of grouting inlets
  • Supply of materials and manpower for grouting service for 3 chord grout infills


  • Supply of grouting materials and manpower for grouting services for a total of three 10” chord grout infills over a length of 28m.


  • Operationally challenging as bridge is often used and execution window was short. Also, mobilisation was achieved in just 2 weeks.
  • Spread was located over 80m away from the platform.


  • Coordinate with the client to identify sufficient access window and execute efficiently.
  • Use of buoyancy collars to stop hose sagging in the water and provide plenty of contingency hoses.


“Nautec were extremely supportive on this programme and delivered the work ahead of schedule.”
Ahmed Nor Bin Samson, Project Engineer, Petra Resources S/B.

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