Project Scope 

  • Grout infill of four annulus of pile sleeves for ELM-11 Jacket Installation.


  • Supply of NaX® Q110 UHPC Grout Materials.
  • Offshore Pile Sleeve Grouting Services at 10m water depth using divers.

Client Benefits

  • The strength and resistance of the Nax® Q110 UHPC materials exceeded the requirements, which resulted in faster installation of the top-side.
  • Our NaX® Q110 cement is designed for annulus grouting with excellent flowability to penetrate and achieve strong bonding within in-situ structures that are difficult to reach. A rapid strength development ensures very high early-age strength, which could reach more than 60% of its long term strength in 24 hours.
  • This leads to significant cost savings in barge time as topside structure can be installed within a day after grouting.

Project Performance

  • Nautec’s experienced team of grouting technicians are experts in their field and ensured all deliverables were achieved at a high level of quality and to client satisfaction meeting all requirements set out.

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