Gas lift was the chosen method of artificial lift for both fields; however for Dulang West the amount of gas available for gas lift is sub-optimal due to gas compressor limitations. On the contrary, Bekok field has less demand for gas lift due to high natural GOR of the wells.

The Client

  • The end client was Malaysian state oil company PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB).

The Scope

  • The objective was to identify and/or mature the short term production enhancement opportunities that could be realized within a given/agreed time frame, in order to reduce the gap between actual and target production forecasts.
  • The scope of work was to include the following:
    • Developing a proper prioritization process to identify high potential wells for short term production gain
    • Evaluate the current gas lift (GL) prioritization and revise it accordingly to ensure the available gas is being used in the best wells.
    • Building well model & nodal analysis to investigate the merit of short term production gain such as gas lift optimization (GLOP), stimulation, zone change and add perforation opportunities for high potential wells
    • Evaluate the restoration methods for effective idle wells and propose the way forward
    • Perform material balance analysis for minor natural drive reservoirs within the field to optimize the Reservoir Management Plan (RMP) and investigate the possibility of increasing reservoir withdrawal.

The Value Added

  • As a result of the short term optimization process Nautec identified opportunities leading to a 100% increase in oil production in the short term, or over 1000 bopd incremental gain.
  • The project was scheduled over a 2 month period and was completed on time and budget.