The Client engaged Nautec to carry out repair and strengthening of one conductor casing and corrosion protection using grouting method for two conductor casings.


  • Subsea repair and strengthening
  • Well integrity services
  • Conductor Grouting


  • Conduct structural inspection of F23 and F06 Platforms and obtain relevant data for repair and corrosion protection
  • Design of rebar cage, seat collar and light weight form work for WH114 conductor repair
  • Supply and provision of grout material, grouting equipment and grouting crew
  • Cleaning and grouting of WH 104 conductor casing on F23 DP-A for corrosion protection
  • Cleaning and grouting of WH 110 conductor casing on F06 for corrosion protection


  • With the water level being only 1.5 m to spider deck, the cleaning of casing and installation of moulds was difficult due to limited working access.
  • Using specialized water jet, light weight moulds and exclusive locking mechanism for seat collar enabled diver-less installation and demoulding.

Project Highlights

  • The repair and strengthening work was carried out for a good length of the conductor above and below sea level and without divers throughout the operation.

Client Benefits

  • The repair work has improved the service life of the casing and stopped it from further deterioration by arresting the corrosion.
  • Increasing the structural capacity by deploying UHPC grouted sleeves.
  • For this type of corrosion challenge a UHPC solution is the most cost effective and technically efficient option available.

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