The Zawtika Project is a gas field development project located in the Gulf of Moattama, Myanmar. The development area covers Block M9 and small portion of Block M11, owned by Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE). The field lies approximately 300 km south of Yangon and 290 km west of Tavoy on the Myanmar coast and the average water depth is approximately 120-160 meters.


  • Provision of OPC Type II cement
  • Provision of offshore grouting equipment (including spares and back-up) and necessary consumables
  • Provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel
  • Provision of project management including reporting, QA/ QC and SSHE
  • Freespan correction
  • Jacket grouting services


  • Providing front-end documents associated with the grouting work including grouting procedures
  • Mobilization/demobilization of Offshore Grouting Spread and other relevant grouting equipment necessary for the works including grout hoses, fittings, couplings, ball valves, connectors and tools.
  • Mobilization/demobilization of Offshore Mobile laboratory for cube sampling and on-site crushing of test cubes.
  • Mobilization/demobilization of Two (2) offshore supervisors for supervision of the grouting works; Two (2) laboratory technicians and Four (4) offshore technicians for 24 hrs operations.
  • Freespan correction for pipelines IP8, IP9 & IP10
  • Grouting services for Jackets WP9 and WP8 (1st campaign) and WP11 an WP10 (2nd campaign)
  • After grouting operations, a comprehensive close-out report which includes:
  • On-site Quality Monitoring Reports which include grout volumes mixed and pumped, temperature, density and pressure of grout material leaving the pump; Daily Operation Reports (DOR) comprising information on the summary of grouting work, progress and total consumption of grout; On-site cube test results28 days cube test results from accredited 3rd party laboratory

Added Value

  • Nautec leverages on a long track-record of supply and installation of UHPC and other cementitious products for offshore installations, where offshore mixing, pumping and injection of UHPC materials into structures situated in both shallow and deep water has been the integral component of the project.
  • We currently operate seven offshore spreads with the flexibility of being fed by either silo or bulk bags. Depending on the feeding system, material, delivery distance and configuration of receiving structure, the spread rates vary from 4 to 15 m3 but can be increased by adding additional mixing and pumping modules.
  • The spreads operate with batch mixing systems as they guarantee high quality and consistency of the grout output yet they are still able to deliver high rates for high volume projects.

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