Nautec was engaged by Hyundai Heavy Industries CO., LTD to supply grout material and grouting services for the skirt pile grouting of the Low Pressure Compression Platform. 

The Low Pressure Compression Platform comprises Gas Compressor topside modules and a 4 legged jacket with two skirt piles each.

Scope of Work / Services

  • Volume calculations.
  • Onshore grout line inspection.
  • Supply of grout material, equipment and a qualified grouting team.
  • Grouting services for 8 skirt piles.
  • Onsite QC checks
  • Lab tests
  • Equipment function tests

Project Highlight

  • To date, this is the biggest platform Nautec has grouted and with a very high grout volume of 17-18 m3 per skirt pile.
  • The required hose length from barge to grout line inlets was almost 150 meter.
  • The team used 3” hose all the way from barge to grout line inlet to reduce pumping time and back pressure.

Client Benefit

  • The grouting work was completed well before the stipulated schedule saving offshore days and hence cost for the client.
  • The team delivered quality work and carried out the services safely and responsibly.

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