Well Integrity Services – Corrosion Protection & Structural Strengthening of a 24” Conductor for MM-17 Well, Brunei

The Client

Brunei Shell Petroleum.

The Scope

To provide design and supply of clamp; equipment; material and crew for grouting of 24” conductor exposed to external corrosion in splash zone area.

The Challenges

Scaffolding was erected for the clamp installation without the use of crane.

Installation of clamp was carried out 2m below MSL prior to grouting of the 24” conductor.

The Services

To remove marine growth at 2.5m below MSL prior to installing the external clamp and grout 2m above and 2m below MSL of a 24” conductor.

Client Benefit

Using high strength and fast curing UHPC material enabled the team to complete the repair job within a short timeframe. The external clamp was removed after 24 hours.

The UHPC material achieves about 50% strength after 24 hours.

Nautec’s engineering team designed the clamp with a special opening and closing mechanism in order to avoid using divers for the installation of the clamp below MSL.

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