Talisman Energy is hoping to bring their extensive Shale Gas experience from North America to Australia. In order to initiate this move, Talisman sought to identify the leading geological support company for unconventional gas in Australia. With the help of Nautec Energy Solutions (Nautec), their aim was to assess all large, prospective basins for key shale gas characteristics.

Together, Nautec’s Australian shale gas experts, combined with those from Talisman, identified the key characteristics required in Australia to make a basin prospect for shale gas.

The Scope

Following the identification of the key characteristics required for shale gas in Australia, Nautec used their extensive knowledge of Australian geology to short list basins likely to have some potential.

A detailed study of each of the short listed basins was carried out. This included stratigraphic and facies analysis, petrophysics, basin maturity modelling, geochemical review, and regulatory requirements. This enabled Talisman to determine the extent of a move into Australia.

Based on Nautec’s advice, Talisman extended the initial project scope to include a full geochemical sampling and testing program. This program was designed and implemented by Nautec. Nautec identified core locations and sampling intervals using their own sampling protocols and undertook an Australia-wide sampling program on behalf of Talisman.

Added Value

Nautec provided significant guidance to the client. We downloaded Nautec’s extensive knowledge of Australian geology to Talisman, in a clear and concise fashion. Nautec’s work led directly to Talisman increasing its presence in Australia. Following from this, Talisman undertook a recruitment drive as they pushed towards acquiring some of the valuable acreage identified by Nautec.