In September 2012, Nautec worked together with PetroUsaha Engineering Services Sdn Bhd to undertake the inspection and structural reinstatement of 5 conductors for SMDP-B platform located at Samarang Oilfield, Labuan, Malaysia.

The Client

Petronas Carigali

The Scope

The scope of work included marine growth cleaning, annulus cleaning, Installation of reinforcement bars and grouting of five conductors.

The Challenges

The conductors had corroded significantly and the inner structural casings were exposed to further corrosion. An external mould needed to be installed prior the grouting.

The Services

The conductors were repaired and reinforced with steel bars and grouted together using UHPC materials. Prior to the installation of the mould, marine growth on the conductors was removed using ultra-high pressure water jet and Barracuda. The marine growth had to be removed so that the UHPC material and external rebar cage (which was provided as per minimum steel requirement for crack control of the grout) would have sufficient bond with the steel conductor.

Client Benefit

A series of vertical rebars were installed to reinstate bending moment capacity of the conductor. The entire repair area was encased in an especially designed mould that could be installed over the conductor from the spider deck down to -3m from MSL without the need for divers. The conductors and casings were encapsulated in this combination of steel rebars and UHPC material to reinstate full design structural strength and corrosion protection.

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