Sapura Energy requested Nautec to strengthen two members at Platform B55 by infill grouting. The jacket grouting work was done utilizing the Main Work Barge S900.


  • Overall B127 Project Scope included laying of pipelines, topside modifications, laying of subsea cables, mooring buoys, relocation of SPM, installation of PLEM, installation of riser guards, barge bumpers, boat landings and underwater repair of jacket members at B55 platform.
  • Nautec provided engineering and grouting services for strengthening of two HOM on B55 platform using high performance cement NaX® Q140.


  • Two horizontal members were overstressed. The compression critical member was strengthened by grout infilled member, which enhanced the bucking capacity of the member in compression and reduced the member UC to the desired level.
  • Pre-Eng. Inspection, FEA analysis.
  • Provision of grout material NaX® Q140, grouting facility, tools and equipment, grouting crew and engineer, cubes casting and testing.

Client Benefits

  • The underwater repair work enhanced the service life of the ageing platform by a considerable margin without interrupting the production.
  • All the deliverables were achieved with high quality performance, client acceptance and satisfaction.
  • The unique ultra-high strength of NaX® Q140 endures up to 40,000 times more stress cycles than a conventional grout for the same stress range. NaX® Q140 is partially shrinkage compensated and has no shrinkage in a sealed condition. Due to its dense and stable microstructure, NaX® Q140 is impermeable to water.

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