• Hydraulic Underwater Drilling
  • Supply of NaX® Materials
  • Offshore grouting services
  • Engineering consultancy


  • Retrospective grouting of main piles to jacket sleeve using specially designed small annulus inlet clamps.

Project Scope

  • Engineering consultancy on design of inlets and grouting execution.
  • Supply of specialist underwater hydraulic drilling unit.
  • Supply of UHPC materials and manpower for grouting services


  • Supply of grouting materials and manpower for drilling, flushing and grouting services for the 6 legged jacket in 39m of water depth.


  • Old jacket with dimensional variations meant that the team had to be flexible and creative during execution.
  • Narrow annular space of just 25mm meant grout had to flow well and special inlets had to be designed.


  • UHPC grout was pumped until returns were visible at the outlet hole high up on the jacket leg.


“Project was executed smoothly despite short notice of mobilisation”
M. Firdaus. Project Manager, Pioneer Pegasus

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