The Scope 

The scope of work for the grouting of leg-clamps, inline-clamps, X-clamps and infilled members included:

  • Preparation of grouting procedure
  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q140 grout material and lubrication mix
  • Provision of mixing/pumping facility and installation equipment necessary for the grouting work
  • Provision of offshore grouting crew

The Challenges

Designing a clamp with operational feasibility in the specified location posed a challenge due to low visibility and mud braces cramming the area where it was to be installed.
The crew had little clearance to play with when fitting the clamp at the right location but Nautec’s engineering team overcame the challenges and applied 3D drafting methods to recreate the area and design the clamp in a way the divers could install it correctly.

The Services  

Nautec was involved from start to end of this project. The services provided included pre-engineering survey, detail engineering, fabrication supervision, installation supervision, supply of NaX® Q140 UHPC grout and grouting of the structure.

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