Nautec has been contracted by SapuraKencana TL Offshore Sdn Bhd to carry out the Under Water Jacket Repair at B-55 Well Head Platform under B-127 Cluster Pipeline RTP Project.

The scope of services will include:

  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Offshore Execution & Grouting
  • Documentation
  • Project Management

Hence Nautec shall perform all necessary analysis and design for the underwater repair work; supply the high strength UHPC grout and other materials and accessories, including its own low footprint spread required to carry out the underwater repair of Jacket brace member(s) and Joint(s) at B55 platform, as well as its qualified and well experienced grouting crew.

This project will increase the number of platforms being strengthened by Nautec in Indian waters to 37.

Nautec will be responsible for providing all necessary documentation related to the services and handle the Project Management of these as well.

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