Nautec is commencing phase II of its well integrity campaign for Premier Oil, Indonesia.
Earlier this year the team completed phase I of its well integrity campaign to prevent corrosion and strengthen the Cooling Water Caisson on the AGX Platform. During Phase II the team will be upgrading the Fire Water Caissons at Anoa platform. Both platforms are located in water depths of approximately 76m in the Natuna Field, Offshore Indonesia.

Prior to grouting of the caissons the team carried out marine growth internal cleaning and patching of the perforations of the sea water caissons, which were then encased in steel reinforcement. The reinforcement was further encased with a layer of ultra high performance cementitious (UHPC) grout to prevent corrosion and strengthen the caissons.

Nautec’s engineering team has carried out the pre-work inspection and engineering analysis using SACS modelling for the strengthening method. Nautec is providing its proprietary UHPC grouting materials i.e. NaX Premix System and its designated crew to carry out the grouting services.

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